• The St. Louis Jesuits stage a final performance of their iconic music!

    This 2-CD set is a historic keepsake of the 25 beloved songs chosen by the St. Louis Jesuits for their final concert. Note: This is not a recording of the live performance but a remastering of the songs presented in the same order as they were performed at the concert.

  • Purchase the Coming Home 2-CD set, Earthen Vessels: 40th Anniversary Edition and Gentle Night: 40th Anniversary Edition at the special final concert event price of $60.
  • A best-selling album Originally released in 1975, Earthen Vessels was the second album from the St. Louis Jesuits; it continues to be one of the best-selling albums of Catholic music ever recorded. Now you can discover once again how the Holy Spirit inspired five young men to create extraordinary music that would enjoy a cherished place in the hearts of generations of Christians around the world.
  • This is not just a copy of the original vinyl LP but a total remix of the original studio tracks recorded in the summer of 1997. With the help of present-day digital software, the original recordings come alive in a new way. Instruments that were never heard and verses never published are now available to be heard in a new way. You will smile as you enjoy these songs again or maybe even for the first time.
  • Many believe this is Dan Schutte's most beautifully recorded album. Featuring a combination of familiar melodies and new contemporary songs, this music will help us to honor this holy time of year.
  • What the story of blind Bartimaeus teaches us about fear, surrender, and walking the path to joy - by Fr. Roc O'Connor, S.J.
  • This album features twelve popular songs by the St. Louis Jesuits. These updated recordings lend an even greater richness and flexibility to these enduring favorites.

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