On Sunday, February 16, 2020, in Fairfield, CT, Roc O’Conner, SJ, Tim Manion and Dan Schutte of the St. Louis Jesuits will offer a slice of their Coming Home final concert in St. Louis. The event will take place at 4:00pm in the beautiful Quick Center for the Arts at Jesuit Fairfield University. The three companions will be joined by the choir and instrumentalists from St. Anthony of Padua parish in Fairfield.


Knowing that there’s still more music to be made, the St. Louis Jesuits never imagined the final concert in St. Louis would be the end of the story. The the ministry of the St. Louis Jesuits would continue but likely in a different way with a new vision. In light of that, and witnessing the powerful impact the concert had on so many who attended, Roc, Tim and Dan have prayerfully chosen to continue the legacy by offering a taste of their Coming Home concert to communities in other parts of the country so they too might experience the joy of singing the St. Louis Jesuit music with other voices of faith.


Those who gathered at?Powell Hall in St. Louis on September 29, 2019, experienced a small taste of heaven. For over three hours, in the magnificent hall where the St. Louis Symphony had played Mahler the night before, 2600 voices filled the space with music that the concert goers have treasured for nearly fifty years. For many of the songs, they didn’t even need the printed programs to sing along with the five St. Louis Jesuit composers. No longer the young men who began this journey nearly fifty years ago, their music still rang strong and filled the hearts of those present. It was one of those special moments not soon to be forgotten by those in attendance.