St. Francis Xavier College Church

During their time in St. Louis many years ago, much of the first music they created was sung at the liturgies in their house of study at Fusz Memorial. The original chapel at 3700 West Pine Boulevard now houses the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art. When the chapel at Fusz could no longer accommodate the many worshippers, the music found a welcome home in the St. Francis Xavier (College) Church on the St. Louis University Campus. This breathtaking Gothic building has continued the tradition of musical excellence ever since. In 2005, the St. Louis Jesuits performed their first reunion concert marking their?thirtieth anniversary in this space.

Fusz Memorial Chapel

In the years before they became the Saint Louis Jesuits, they were, along with many of their fellow Jesuit classmates, the backbone of the Jesuit community liturgies at the former Fusz Memorial, the house of studies for young Jesuits from all over the country. They were instrumental in recreating a traditionally formal worship space into one that was more communal and filled with sacred art and simple beauty. This is where many of their iconic songs were debuted.

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art

Today, the former Fusz Memorial Chapel is home to Saint Louis University’s Museum of Contemporary Religious Art. Through exhibitions, collections, and educational programs, MOCRA highlights and explores the ways contemporary visual artists engage the religious and spiritual dimensions. MOCRA serves the diverse University community, as well as the wider public, by facilitating personal discovery, experience and inspiration while contributing to the wider culture of interfaith dialogue.

The museum is certainly worth a visit. Find out more by visiting the MOCRA website.