If there’s a value to be placed on the legacy of the St. Louis Jesuit music, it’s found in the minds and hearts of the men and women who’ve been called, comforted and lifted up by their music for generations. Their legacy is not in the fame that’s followed them. As their famous song attests, “We hold a treasure, not made of gold, in earthen vessels, wealth untold. One treasure only: the Lord, the Christ, in earthen vessels.”


Over the years, their companionship created seven collections of music for prayer and worship, including their 2005 thirtieth-anniversary album, “Morning Light.”

Their story began in the years immediately following the restoration of the Roman liturgy heralded by the Second Vatican Council. The bishops of the world recognized that our times required a new way of worshiping that was more authentically connected to the lives of contemporary men and women. And so too, the music employed as the vehicle of liturgical prayer needed to make sense to the experience of the modern Christian. The five companions not only crafted hymns in a style that invited people to sing but used Sacred Scripture as the foundation of their texts. The result was that their songs played a profound role in renewing the love of those texts in the everyday lives of people of faith.

Earthen Vessels
All the Saint Louis Jesuits music is published by OCP and available in both recorded and sheet music format.
Individually, that number has grown far beyond their group efforts to include thirty-five albums, as well as several anthology collections.