A long time ago, by some wisdom of God’s grace, these five young Jesuits were brought together by circumstances and Jesuit superiors who nurtured their love for music.

When they arrived in St. Louis in 1970, they barely knew each other. Because of their love for Sacred Scripture and prayerful liturgy, they were brought together to become not just casual acquaintances?but were drawn deeper into a companionship of friendship and support.

That was nearly fifty years ago. Since then their music has found a constant presence in the worship of the English-speaking church not only here in the United States but into the far corners of the world – Africa, Korea, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Guam, Argentina, Canada.

During all these years and amidst their great success, they continue to remind each other, as they remind us, that all the works of our hands are an extension of the creative act of the Creator of All. The spotlight of fame shines on the God who is beyond all names, a God who has chosen to step into our humanity to let us know that the divine is not some distant reality but rather a real presence that meets us and greets us at every turn of the road.

“The St. Louis Jesuits?Coming Home” is a fitting title for this final concert in St. Louis.

It will be the last time that Bob Dufford SJ, John Foley SJ, Tim Manion, Roc O’Connor SJ, and Dan Schutte will perform together. The group, backed by the College Church Choir, will perform many of their most beloved liturgical songs and hymns in the setting of St. Louis? magnificent Powell Hall, just a few blocks from St. Louis University, St. Francis Xavier College Church, and the former Fusz Memorial (residence for Jesuit scholastics), where it all began over 40 years ago.


They never really considered themselves a performing group but rather a companionship of composers who offered each other support and encouragement of their individual musical gifts.
Bob Dufford, S.J.
John Foley, S.J.
Tim Manion
Roc O’Connor, S.J.
Dan Schutte